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Wordtune ai content generator with a chrome extension using GPT-3 to give text suggestions

Wordtune: Clear, Compelling and Authentic Writing Companion

Wordtune is a new Israeli startup that created a top-notch AI writing assistant to make you a better writer. They have already raised over 35 million dollars to disrupt the way we write using AI powered tools and software.

Wordtune has excellent UX and a Chrome extension that allows you to set the tone, auto-complete yourself, shorten words, and expand sentences. This AI-powered tool uses artificial intelligence to suggest text. Their AI content generator engine works fantastic, and I love using it to improve my English writing.

Wordtune ai content generator with a chrome extension using GPT-3 to give text suggestions

Use WordTune in browser extension to improve the text on the fly

The interface is similar to other AI-powered tools such as Grammarly, but it does so much more than just correcting your grammar for you. It’s meant to be a writing companion, something that predicts what you’re trying to say and provides ideas and suggestions to rewrite the sentence.

Can I Write Long Articles With Wordtune?

In my experience, not so much. Wordtune is meant for short sentence improvements. It’s better for immediate messaging, descriptions, and rewriting sentences.

For the more marketing and content-focused people, I recommend a better AI writing assistant called Jarvis. this tool packs tons of marketing-centric features built for content creation and has various enhanced features you won’t find in WordTune. Read my in-depth Jarvis review here.

Won't you say hello? 😇

jarvis ai content generator is the best ai writing assistant using gpt 3

Where Does Wordtune Work

So far, their chrome extension can work on multiple websites. You can use it while writing a document of Google Docs or using other Google products. You can use it while editing some WordPress blog posts, writing tweets on Twitter, for your posts on Facebook, or while editing other documents.

The guys behind Wordtune keep improving the Chrome extension. The latest update was about improving sentence comprehension, and word splits. In addition, Wordtune can now work in Gmail to write emails and messages, and on almost all online services, you can use Chrome.

Start With WordTune Free Version

WordTune’s free version will allow you to write clear, compelling, and authentic content. However, the only feature you’ll have is the rewrite option. The other, more advanced writing and suggestions such as Casual & Formal Tones or Shorten & Expand will not be available. If you want to give it a try, starting from the free version is a good choice, though I recommend you to switch to the paid version, where’s you’ll get the best benefits of this ai powered tool.

AI-Powered Tools to Create Better Content

Wordtune is a fantastic AI writing assistant tool that I recommend to all of my friends. Boost your writing abilities with this slick Chrome extension, and try their free version (Freemium plan) for a quick test drive. The interface Wordtune created is easy to use, so you don’t have to spend time figuring out how it works!

Who is Behind the AI writing Assistant WordTune

Wordtune relies heavily on the most powerful artificial intelligence technology out there. They are backed by AI21, a leading VC in the artificial intelligence world. Their expertise in language and artificial intelligence helps them create this powerful AI engine that understands what you’re trying to say.

Is WordTune Enough to Create Great Content?

In my opinion, it’s not enough.

WordTune will correct and improve your writing but will not generate content for you.

To boost your speed, I can warmly recommend trying Jarvis as well. It will compliment your work and let you create content 2x as fast.

You're in good hands

So… What Do You Think?

Now I want to hear from you.

What do you think about using AI to improve your content?

Or maybe I missed something in my WordTune review.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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wordtune ai content generator and ai writing assistant

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