5 AI Assistant Tools to Boost Your Marketing Copy and Content Skills!

Guy Eshet
February 18, 2021
AI Content generators to help you create content and copywriting using artificial intelligence

AI Content Generators Are Amazing

Are you a blogger, content marketer, YouTuber, or copywriter? Have you ever found yourself struggling to write a killing description for a blog post or copy for your landing pages? The tools you're about to see will change your life. Meet the AI content generator, the new way to create high-quality content. We'll review some of the best AI assistant tools based on GPT-3 out there. The future of content is all about having AI marketing copy generated for us. It's time for artificial intelligence to make life easier!

Let an AI Writer Become Your Assistant

As much as we might think we're the best at everything, parts of the marketing and content creation process are simply frustrating. Finding the right words can be tough sometimes. Luckily, exactly in these moments when you want to get over writer's block, AI assistant tools or AI content generators are here to save us (and many thanks for GPT-3)! We are already living in the future, and it's time to make our lives easier with AI marketing copy assistants! 

How Does An AI Content Generator Work?!

It all starts with GPT-3, a revolutionary new A.I. algorithm developed by OpenAI and released in 2020. The algorithm can help you with content generation, generate headlines, choose Ad copy, and much more! Simply put, all it needs is a seed, a set of works to direct it, and it's free to go! The most impressive about GPT-3 based AI tools is how easy they are to work with. Using an AI text generator for content writing is like having an extra employee without paying any salary or benefits!

More precisely, by "great content," I mean stuff that Google loves and ranks high in search results! Furthermore, great content is unique content, free of plagiarism, and will pass any copyright test you give it. This means more traffic from organic searches, which leads directly to sales or more readers for your blog post!

In this article, I'll review different AI assistant tools that will help you write new blog posts, suggest content ideas, and create engaging video descriptions, and better tweets! It’s like having a team of writers working for you 24/7.

let the ai writing assistants like jarvis the ai content generator help you
Using an AI text generator is the future of writing. The machine is here to help us 🙂

The AI Writing Assitant Market

As of late 2021, many companies and systems are competing in the AI writing assistant market. Some focus on tools to help us create content, while others focus on copywriting tools. Some of the largest companies in the field include Grammarly, AI Writer, writer.com, Frase.io, Jasper, Rytr, WordTune, and some other smaller ones we'll describe later in this post. Many of these tools rely on the same GPT-3 model, while others rely on proprietary models.

The big difference between most tools is their focus. Some, like Jasper, focus on content creation and generation. Others, like WordTune or Writer.com, focus on corrections, rewriting, and improvements.

1. Jasper

Previously called Conversion.ai, it's by far my favorite AI assistant in the AI content generator section. Type in keywords or phrases, and the AI will automatically generate articles, blog posts, youtube video descriptions, viral headlines, and much more. Using this AI content generator, you'll get a boost to your content abilities. They are community and UX-focused, listening to users' demands and rapidly improving the product. Jasper operates a really active Facebook group, full of content geeks, where users share ideas, request features, and much more.

Most AI tools focus on writing short content pieces. However, starting March 2021, you can use AI to create full-length blog posts! Recently, Jasper announced the acquisition of Headlime, a SaaS tool focused on long-form content writing. Together, they created the best platform out there to generate long quality content, blog posts, emails, and articles seamlessly with the help of AI. For those who write content and want a boost, I highly recommend it.

I found a way to get a free trial for Jasper. Get your free trial now.

base cta background
You're in good hands

You're in good hands

jasper ai writing assistant logo
Jasper uses AI to create beautiful, on-point marketing content for you.

2. Wordtune

A new Israeli startup raising over 55 million dollars that auto-completes you, lets you set the tone, and has awesome UX. They provide a Chrome extension with sentence rewrite, expansion, and shortening. The interface is similar to Grammarly though it gives way more than just auto-correction.

wordtune ai writing assistant
Wordtune uses a Chrome extension that provides AI content and rewrite suggestions.

I've been using WordTune a lot. I find their suggestions and generated content beneficial, especially when using the rewrite option. They have a slick Chrome extension to help you on the fly to boost your writing abilities. Wordtune offers a Freemium model, so give the free version a shot.

3. Nichesss

This GPT-3 based AI tool helps people find the right business idea and hot niches, expanding creativity. Their algorithm will suggest any different business niches, give you ideas and allow you to go beyond your imagination. They will help you boost initial content.

GPT-3 based AI tool to generate business ideas and creative niches

Nichesss gives you tons of creative business ideas using its AI engine.

4. MarketMuse

The most expensive solution of the bunch. MarketMuse is a content and strategy platform that increases the quality of your blog posts, presentations, social media, and more. It's an AI article writer, where you'll get predictions for content success and optimize your content to be more engaging. They are here to help you rank better in organic search, generate unique articles, and focus on larger content pieces

MarketMuse is an ai content generator with focus on optimizing SEO content with its AI assistant backed by GPT-3

MarketMuse AI content generator highlights converting text to help you optimize for SEO

5. Writesonic

Like Jasper, it is an AI-powered writing assistant that creates text for us, however less professional in my opinion. For the tests I gave it, it is less polished and high-end. It's a cheaper solution starting at $9.99 a month. However, I think that it's worth investing more to get the full value for your dollar in this case and choose the more extensive solution offered by Jasper.

WriteSonic AI assistant is an ai content generator to rewrite text

Writesonic AI marketing copy generator in action

AI Content Generators are the Future

I believe that artificial intelligence is here to assist us, make life easier, and help us improve our game. The future of content creation is changing rapidly, and I love it. It could take all those nasty little tasks and make our writing process nicer and better. The AI tools for content writing we've seen here, those AI assistants based on GPT-3, could bring you one step further, making you great content creators!

jasper ai writing assistant logo
AI Marketing Copy Generated by Jasper will surprise you every day!

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Won't you say hello?

Won't you say hello?

Having tested several tools, I can warmly recommend Jasper as my favorite and the best AI content creator out there. Jasper is an ever-improving young startup with a vibrant and supportive community that will help you. Above all, the generated content is awesome. Sometimes it's simply jaw-dropping marketing ideas! Their pricing model is fair, and you'll get so much value for your dollar. It can work as an AI article generator using the newly released long-form editor, or simply as an AI writer to create short text snippets.

So, don't hesitate! Give it a try now!

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