Run WordPress on AWS fast and for a low price

run wordpress on aws lightsail for a cheap price and save money and gain control

I recently moved my websites to AWS after using several years mediocre hosting services.

I decided to go for AWS Lightsail, which provides small, fixed-price machines on the cloud. You could get a simple server for a mere $10 a month and run several simple blogs on it.

When creating a Lightsail instance, choosing a base is quite confusing. I recommend going for Plesk, which is a server management interface. Plesk gives you in no-time a great UI to manage your website, exactly like the one you’d get in a different hosting company. Their free version is more than enough for basic usages.

If you have a small to medium blog – going for the 2GB RAM lightsail instance is enough. Your SQL Database will be in the first phase on the same machine, buy you can later on have another machine for the DB itself for redundancy.

After installing the Plesk image on Lightsail, use the online SSH in their interface to access the server. To get your first access, you’ll need to type:

sudo plesk login

This will output a one-time url with access to the Admin console. Once you login, you can create a new WordPress install and move your new Blog.

I highly recommend it. It’s easy to use, price-effective, and gives great support for maintenance. For paid features, you can be creating a staging website with a click and much more.

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Guy Eshet

Guy Eshet

Guy Eshet is an expert in Blockchain technologies, NFTs, and Web development. Guy has been developing software for over 15 years, currently focusing on Web3. Guy is fluent in 5 languages, loves meeting new people, learning about various topics, and improving his skills.

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