Top Online Marketing Mentors to Follow When Learning Digital Marketing

Learning online marketing can be tricky. I've gathered e list of the most recommended channels and how to use them.
top mentors to follow to lear online marketing

Join me on a journey of discovery! Learning online marketing can be tricky, so many people, no many different angles to look at it. Each of these online marketing mentors has a newsletter and YouTube channels packed with knowledge. The content they provide is precious, authentic, and free from BS. Check them out, and I can really recommend you to subscribe!

Online Marketing Mentors

Miles Beckler Website and Miles Beckler YouTube Channel

Backlinko – Everything you need to know about SEO and backlinking

Funnel Authority – A newsletter full of valuable information about online marketing and sale funnels.

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Guy Eshet

Guy Eshet

Guy Eshet is an expert in Blockchain technologies, NFTs, and Web development. Guy has been developing software for over 15 years, currently focusing on Web3. Guy is fluent in 5 languages, loves meeting new people, learning about various topics, and improving his skills.

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