Top Online Marketing Mentors to Follow When Learning Digital Marketing

Learning online marketing can be tricky. I've gathered e list of the most recommended channels and how to use them.
top mentors to follow to lear online marketing

Join me on a journey of discovery! Learning online marketing can be tricky, so many people, no many different angles to look at it. Each of these online marketing mentors has a newsletter and YouTube channels packed with knowledge. The content they provide is precious, authentic, and free from BS. Check them out, and I can really recommend you to subscribe!

Online Marketing Mentors

Miles Beckler Website and Miles Beckler YouTube Channel

Backlinko – Everything you need to know about SEO and backlinking

Funnel Authority – A newsletter full of valuable information about online marketing and sale funnels.

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Guy Eshet

Guy Eshet

Having more than 10 years of experience in development, Guy Eshet has a passion for software development, web design, and technology. He is constantly on to search for tools to simplify our lives. Guy is fluent in 5 languages, loves meeting new people, learning new things, and improving his skills.

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