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Yieldnodes monetizing masternodes with Yield Nodes

Let’s Start with the Numbers

Yieldnodes is a passive income platform with a monthly yield of 8% to 10%!

This means that in about ten months, your money doubles. The best part – the profit is not affected by volatility in Bitcoin!

I have been investing in Yieldnodes for months now, and everything is exactly as I had hoped. My profits are deposited into my account every 1st of the month and you can see the yields down below.

And yes, I did withdraw my funds from there to prove liquidity, no worries.

It is surprisingly easy to join. Come on, let’s dive in!

Yieldnodes Monthly Returns Since 2019 Until Today

When I first heard about this platform, I was really skeptical regarding the numbers. Investing in Real Estate give 8% annually, so 8% monthly?!

After researching the platform and investing for several months, I can say that Yieldnodes have a unique model that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s one of these special gems you just have to take.

Exciting Update! (June 2021) – My first withdrawal went smoothly! I want to highlight this first before we get started. Money was successfully deposited, and profits were withdrawn! This has greatly strengthened my credibility on this platform.

Discovering Crypto Passive Income

I love finding new and innovative ways to invest my money, especially when I discover a model that sounds unique and intriguing. I like it even better when the investment generates a recurring monthly income. Most of my crypto investments are in bitcoin, and I believe it’s here to stay. However, the cryptocurrency world brings at times other interesting opportunities, one of which is Yieldnodes. If you’re a crypto enthusiast or like discovering new investment models, this could be an interesting path for you to consider.

Masternoding Equals High Yields

Before I begin, it’s important to note that every cryptocurrency investment involves high risk, and so does this one. Ensure you understand all aspects, the involved risk-reward model, and never risk more than you could lose. This article is not investment advice, and it’s a personal review based on my experience only. Before making any investment decision, consult an expert and allocate funds according to your personal requirements only.

Nonetheless, something about this master noding thing sounded interesting, and I decided to dig deeper. I researched thoroughly to understand Yieldnodes’ validity. I checked the underlying model and learned about masternodes, which generate the revenue behind the platform. We’ll touch on masternoding later in detail. It seems that there’s a real value proposition behind it, which brought me to invest in the platform as well.

Having said that, in the crypto world, everything is possible, and the risk is high. As I previously said, consider every crypto investment with a grain of salt and with its high inherent risk.

What is Yieldnodes?

Yieldnodes generates income and value using Masternodes, a building block in many cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. Unlike many other crypto services, Yieldnodes do not deal with trading but operates servers for various usages and in different cryptocurrency projects. Think of it as a node rental program with an impressive track record for the long term.

With your investment, the team spawns new masternode servers, supports a decentralized crypto exchange, and runs multiple crypto projects. The total generated revenue of these activities is aggregated monthly, providing us with the expected yields.

Depositing and tracking your funds to this platform simple, requiring no technical background. The registration process is straightforward, and payouts are received every 1st of the month. I’ve been investing for several months (as of May 2021), and so far, it works as expected. The team sends out per month newsletter with their latest progress and activity, keeping everyone in sync. The easiest way to deposit funds is in Bitcoin, but you could deposit directly in Euro or Dollar using 3rd party integrations or a bank wire. I also managed to withdraw funds into a private address, everything worked as expected.

How Does Yieldnodes Generate Profit?

Yieldnodes started in late 2019 as a master node rental program. A Masternode is, in essence, a building block in many crypto coins. Think of it as a mining node that gets rewarded for every block it adds to the blockchain. A masternode is a server that takes part in a network. For every transaction or service it provides, it receives a fee.

Masternodes validate transactions by Proof-of-Stake, an alternative to Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work, which relies on mining blocks. To create a masternode, you have to “lock” funds. In other words, the locked coins show dedication to the network, which in return pays in fees and profits for every validated transaction.

Creating Profit From A Node Rental Program

The deposits will go to funding and spawning more masternodes as part of their node rental program and other services Yieldnodes operate as part of their network. Currently, Yieldnodes operate almost 4000 masternodes!

Yieldnodes members area generating passive income from bitcoin and cryptocurrencies using masternodes

Yieldnodes Members Area: The compound effect if you choose to re-invest your profits

The Future of Passive Income is Here

earn passive income with yieldnodes using masternodes in crypto

Monetizing Proof of Stake: Explaining The High Monthly Return

The reason Yieldnodes’ profit is as high as 10% a month stems from the inherent master noding ROI (Return on Investment), which is based on proof of stake. Masternodes Online provides us a list of all available coins with masternodes (currently almost 300) and their expected ROI if you set up a masternode server.

table of all masternodes with return on invest for a masternodes like yieldnodesTen top coins by market cap that use Masternodes – April 2021 by Masternodes Online

The above list contains the top 10 coins globally whose blockchain network uses masternodes. The first in the list is Dash, the first coin to have included a masternode in its network layout. To read more about it, read my post on explaining masternodes.

The guys at Yieldnodes are the main supporters for the Sapphire (SAPP) coin, listed at the bottom of the list and market capped at approximately 140 million dollars.

sapphire project is maintained by yieldnodesSapphire project is backed and contributed by Yieldnodes

Most projects are individually supported projects for various causes.

What’s the Upside?

Yieldnodes is a platform for those who love the crypto world but want to average their profit. Some altcoins can jump up and down in hundreds of percents, but catching all the right moments is almost impossible. Yieldnodes provides an “average guy” solution to enjoy the crypto world’s benefits and yields without the immense volatility related to each coin’s immediate value. The initial minimum deposit is equivalent to 500 Euro, so you can always start slowly.

Yieldnodes do not profit from a coin’s value directly, as other trading services do, but rather on network operation and master noding activities. The more activity there is, the more transactions are taking place, the more fees are collected. This provides a hedging mechanism against extreme volatility, providing an average of relatively steady profit month by month. This way, the company provides us a great way to make money from masternoding.

Establishing Trust in Yield Nodes

The biggest concern when investing your money, especially in cryptocurrency, is avoiding frauds and scams. Unfortunately, social media is full of sad stories about people who gave their funds to the wrong people. Before investing in Yield nodes, I tried my best to ensure that the Yieldnodes team behind it is honest and transparent.

Looking at the Yieldnodes team, you can see that they are a highly skilled group of blockchain technology experts, working on this project for the last 2 years. What I especially like is that they give extra care to being transparent and approachable. They want to create a community of crypto enthusiasts that will stay long term on the platform, enjoying the compound rate.

Trust Factors I Found For Yieldnodes

yieldnodes trustpilot ranking
Yieldnodes Score is almost perfect in Trustpilot (April 2021)

  • Stefan, Yieldnodes’ CEO, together with the rest of the team, is approachable on Linkedin.
  • They have multiple interviews on YouTube, and they are not afraid to show their face.
  • Yieldnodes scores almost perfectly with reviews at TrustPilot.
  • Looking all over Google, almost all reviews are positive. This is very unique to any crypto platform. Most platforms pop with bad reviews right away.
  • Their support line is open to any questions you might have through their customer support.
  • The members’ area for registered users is clear, transparent, and full of useful information.
  • They allowed analysts to review the company and perform internal audits, creating a report with sorts of data to users.
  • You can read about them in their Medium blog as well.

What Should I Know About Investing in Yieldnodes?

As we said, any investment in the cryptocurrency field involves risk. Before investing in Yield nodes, there are several aspects you must understand first.

1. Deposits to Yieldnodes are in Bitcoin

When you deposit money into Yieldnodes, you get a unique wallet address in your member’s area to deposit the fund. Currently, the only way to deposit is in bitcoin. Any withdrawal request will be in Bitcoin as well. If you don’t own Bitcoin, you can easily convert any fiat currency (Euro, Dollar) through third-party providers or follow my guide on buying your first bitcoin. I hope that in the future they will accept other currencies as well.

2. Your Investment in Yieldnodes is Denominated in Euro

This is a crucial aspect of your investment in master noding, which you should understand first.

Once you deposit funds into Yield nodes, your funds are converted to Euro (through a stable coin). You’ll see your account showing the balance in Euro, with Bitcoin and Ethereum rates below it. However, those are for convenience only. The Euro balance is what matters.

yieldnodes total masternode balance with bitcoin and ethereum
The Euro Balance is the Basis, and Bitcoin is a conversion

Why is that? As Yield nodes work with many different coins, they regularly convert between them. To track your return and yield, all deposits are pegged to Euro, and the monthly returns are computed accordingly. Consequently, the 10% on average return is computed on the Euro’s worth of funds, not on the amount you deposited.

When withdrawing funds from the platform, they’ll check your balance in Euro, the rate of Euro to Bitcoin on that same day, and return your funds.

Currently, the minimum deposit to Yield nodes is equivalent to 500 Euro.

3. Deposited Funds are Locked for 6 Months

Your deposited funds are converted into Masternode coins. As we said before, to create a masternode, one must lock up coins to gain trust with the proof of stake model. The locking period ranges but is usually between several months to a year, thus the investment’s long-term nature. In Ethereum, for example, validator nodes must lock Ether for a whole year!

You should note that Yield nodes allows you to withdraw the initial deposits you made only 6 months after entering the system. This is important to keep operation and platform running, as master noding requires a lockup period. To dissolve the master nodes takes time, so this 6 months period is currently mandatory.

deposits into yieldnodes are locked for a whole year
After a deposit, funds wait for 7 days until the master noding process is complete and are locked for six months.

4. Decide on Your Automatic Compounding Strategy

Remember the 10% average return per month you get? You can choose what to do with these profits, withdraw them instantly, or get them reinvested. There are two options:

  1. Compound the profits, meaning re-invested it in the platform. This will gain even more yield but will lock the profits again for 6 months. This is what I personally do.
  2. Save the profits as an available balance and withdraw whenever you want. This way, you can lower the risk to a minimum and return the base fund.
  3. Something in between – choose the auto-compound rate, deciding how much will go per month for re-investment, and how much you’ll have in your available balance.
yieldnodes automatic compounding effect
Automatic Compounding – decide how much to reinvest (lock to 6 months) and how much to have available.

4. Withdrawal Requests Take About a Month

There are two types of optional withdrawals from the platform. Your monthly received profits, sent to your account on the 1st of every month or upon the termination of the 6 months period. In any case, when submitting a withdrawal request, Yield Nodes have to dissolve the master nodes with your funds are invested. This process takes time, hence this 1 month withdrawal period letting them dissolve the master nodes and transfer them. You can submit a withdrawal request to any BTC wallet address you provide them.

My Experience: So far everything is going exactly as planned. I submitted a withdrawal request, and get it exactly a month later to my BTC address!

Join Before It's Too Late

yield nodes generates profits using master nodes and masternoding

Considering Risks vs. Rewards

What are the Pros of investing in Yieldnodes?

  • High monthly return averaging at 10%. You will not find it elsewhere.
  • The compounded rate may get to over 3 times your investments yearly.
  • Revenue does not depend on the Bitcoin/USD rate. The monthly return remained steady on months when the rate dropped.
  • Transparent team, sharing information about the platform via a newsletter once per month, approachable via support, lots of positive comments across the web.
  • No need to take care of anything except adjusting the compounded rate.
  • Investors go through KYC (Know Your Customer)

What are the Cons of investing in Yieldnodes?

  • As with any cryptocurrency investment: Your money is held in custody that you don’t control. The risks start the moment the money leaves your wallet.
  • Yieldnodes is a small company currently not regulated by a government authority.
  • Masternoding generates revenue from Altcoins, which are not mainstream as Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • The investment is pegged to Euro, not Bitcoin. The yield is based on the Euro amount you deposited.
  • Your invested funds are at Yield nodes are locked for six months after every deposit. You can withdraw the profits every month. For example, if you deposited 10K Euro, they are locked for six months. However, you get approximately 1000 Euros every month to decide whether to deposit back (and lock for six months) or withdraw it.

How Can I Invest In Yieldnodes?

After you’ve read this review, understood the risk and reward models of this platform, and decided on a portion you’d like to invest in Yieldnodes, the process is fairly simple:

  1. Open an account at Yieldnodes.
  2. Submit your personal details for KYC such as email or phone, upload an ID, proof of address, and sign the investment agreement.
  3. Under the 2FA Settings tab – enable 2FA using Google Authentication. Important for safety.
  4. Go to your member’s area and deposit Bitcoin for the amount you wish to get invested.
  5. Wait until the transaction settles, and then another 7 days until the platform invests your funds. You’ll get emails with confirmations every step of the way.
  6. Under the Withdrawal tab, define the automatic Compounding rate and how much you’d like to re-invest every month automatically. Leverage the compounded effect for increased profits over time.
  7. Sit back, relax and enjoy the recurring yield per month!

Register Right Now
Let Your Money Do the Work

yieldnodes profits with masternodes and masternoding generate huge yield and passive income

Yieldsnodes Review: Conclusion

Investing in Yieldnodes is an amazing opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios, specifically in the crypto field. It is a high-yielding investment platform in the cryptocurrency arena that lets you earn recurring passive income from your investment.

Even though you deposit bitcoin, Yieldnodes hedges investors’ risk against it using other cryptocurrencies, making it a more stable investment than simply trading. Before investing, you should be aware of all risks related to this investment, as in any investment, especially in cryptocurrency and master nodes.

So… What Do You Think?

Now I want to hear from you.

What do you think about Yieldnodes?

Or maybe I missed something in my review.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

Important Disclaimer

This article is not investment advice. Prior to investing in the platform, ensure that you understand its risks and benefits. Invest wisely based on your investment goals and portfolio allocation.

5/5 (13 Reviews)

12 Responses

  1. I think this is a very interesting investment model, may I ask how long you’ve been involved there?
    How consistent has it been? Did it perform well during months where crypto prices drop, such as this past May?
    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Jackie!
      I opened my account in Yieldnodes for approx. 4 month, and have received monthly profits precisely at the 1st of every month. You can start a withdrawal the moment these profits are received, and within a month you’ll have them transferred to your BTC address of choice.

      I must say that the generated yield during “bad” crypto months have been phenomenal. May generated 7.9% yield, while bad crypto months behave similarly. This is due to the fact that Yield nodes is not a trading or mining platform, but rather a coin staking platform which creates validators, what’s also called masternoding.

      So far the team is sending very eleaborate emails once-twice a month with details regarding the platform, and it looks like there’s a firm financial model behind me. Let me know if you’d like to see some of these email, I’ll post it here or send it to you.

  2. Been using yield nodes for several months, same experience for me. Awesome returns, reliable system and great team.

    1. Thanks for sharing Adrian!
      I love hearing from people with the same experience, I have not found so far any platform with such impressive investment returns such as Yieldnodes. Masternodes seems like a really good path!
      Most staking platform offer lower profits, and the consistency I’ve been getting from the Yield node team is really making me want to invest more.

  3. Hi Guy, how much commission can one expect to pay when transferring earnings in Bitcoin to one’s wallet?

    1. Hey Jose!
      This is a fantastic question since many crypto platforms and exchanges charge outrageous withdrawal fees!

      However, in Yieldnodes case, they do not charge withdrawal fees (I already withdrew money, and it’s true).

      Copying from their official FAQ:
      “We urge investors to use Bitcoin for depositing as it’s great to transfer value. We do NOT charge any deposit or withdrawal fees with Bitcoin.”

      One important thing to note when withdrawing money from Yieldnodes

      Let’s say we’re now on October 1st.
      – Your withdrawal request must be submitted by the 15th of the month (October 15th in our case).
      – The actual transfer will occur on the 8th of the following month (meaning November 8th)
      – You will receive Bitcoin based on the Bitcoin rate on November 8th, not October 1st.

      Therefore, if you request to withdraw 10,000 Euros from your balance on October 1st, you will receive the Bitcoin equivalent rate on November 8th.

      If you wish to maintain the value of your funds, you can immediately convert it to a stablecoin (USDC, for example), and then you are not affected by the Bitcoin rate.

      1. Hey Guy

        You mention here that you can immediately convert the BTC to USDC, in the example you gave, do you mean you can convert it on October 1st or November 8th?

        1. Hey John!
          In my example, you could convert it to USDC on November 8th, because this will be the date of the transaction.
          You’ll ask to withdraw on Oct. 1st, the funds will be eventually withdrawn the next month (Nov 8th, by that Bitcoin to USD rate), and will reach your desired address.

          You can set the withdrawal address to be your exchange wallet address, and then convert it immediately. Alternatively, you can withdraw to your private wallet and create a new transaction to wherever you’d like.

          Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

  4. Can i transfer my bit coin i have in Crypto.com to the or do i have to go through a 3rd party company??

    Also if i was to compound my interst does that reset the 6month freeze on the account or is the freeze only on my money i have deposited??

    1. Hey Marc!
      The answer is Yes, you can definitely transfer Bitcoin between Crypto.com and Yieldnodes.
      The system generates a unique Bitcoin address for your deposit account after you open your account and go to the deposit section.

      From Crypto.com, withdraw funds to this address (which is also visible on the Block Explorer).
      Within several hours, the transaction will be verified on the Bitcoin blockchain and your funds will be received in your Yieldnodes account.

      Concerning compounding interest, I’m compounding all of the interest I receive, except for a few small amounts I took to test my withdrawal process.
      After 6 months (I just checked it now), the initial deposits are released and you can withdraw them.
      If you don’t do it, they will keep compounding!

      1. Thanks very much for your reply.

        So if I was to compound 50% of my interest back in, do I have to take out the other 50% or can I let it build separately in my yield nodes then take that out when ever I please or would I have to take it out every month??

        Also I’m struggling to understand what the risk is involved in yield nodes could you clarify the risk ?

        1. Hi again 🙂
          If you choose to compound only 50% of the returns, then 50% will be available for withdrawal and the rest will continue to compound.

          If you choose to compound profits, you lock them again for 6 months.

          Back to my example, say you deposit 10K Euros.
          After the first month, let’s say you received 1K profits.
          If you chose to compound them, they will be locked for 6 months.
          In the next month, you’ll gain profits for the deposited profits as well, as in simple compounding.

          If you chose to compound half, you can withdraw 500 Euro whenever you want, but you will not earn any interest.

          As with any crypto investment, the first risk is the platform risk.
          Not your keys, Not your coins.

          Whenever you deposit funds into a 3rd party platform, there exists a risk of something happening to the platform.
          his applies to any large exchange such as Coinbase, Binance, and such.
          Second, Yieldnodes is not regulated by any large financial institution like some US exchanges as Gemini or BlockFi are.

          That being said – Yieldnodes is one of the most transparent, honest, and solid platforms I’ve ever seen and I have great trust in them (as well as funds).

          My and my friends experience, has been absolutely great.
          Everything they said and communicated since day one has happened, and I have great trust in them.
          I see Yieldnodes as a great investment opportunity, but I think it’s always important to look at the whole risk spectrum before judging something 🙂

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Yieldnodes monetizing masternodes with Yield Nodes

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