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Wordtune: Clear, Compelling, and Authentic Writing Companion

Wordtune is a new Israeli startup that has created an excellent AI powered writing assistant to help you make better content. The company has raised over 35 million dollars to disrupt how we write. By using the most powerful artificial intelligence models, they simply make your texts better. In this Wordtune review, I’ll show you what WordTune is capable of and provide some tips to use it better.

wordtune casual tone for ai assistant
The WordTune Chrome Extension assistant

AI-Powered Tools to Create Better Content

Wordtune is an AI writing assistant that I recommend to all my friends. It can help boost your writing abilities using a slick Chrome web browser extension. You can start free for a quick test drive and upgrade to their Freemium plan. The interface Wordtune created is easy to use, so you don't have to spend time figuring out how it works!

This tool helps me rewrite the content and better edit my posts. The rewrite feature is one of their most valuable features. You can either ask to rewrite your content or simply get suggestions brought to you automatically.

Who is Behind the AI Writing Assistant WordTune?

AI21 Labs, a leading startup in the artificial intelligence field, is behind this project. The artificial intelligence model that powers Wordtune is among the most powerful and professional on the market. The company was founded by some of the brightest minds in the AI field.

Its founding team includes Amnon Shashua, who sold Mobileye to Intel for 16 billion dollars, and Prof. Yoav Shoham, a former executive in the Google language department. They are located in Tel Aviv and were founded in 2017. 

Why Do I Love Wordtune?

The feature I like most about Wordtune is that it allows you to say exactly what you want, either formal or more casual. It’s also great when you want to generate personal or non-personalized content. Sometimes, it just helps me save time and create more relevant results.

You can use the basic rewrite feature in the free version. However, you can access more features by upgrading to the premium version. You will be able to choose the tone of each sentence and expand or shorten the text in the premium software version.

Its ability to suggest better words and correct spelling is one of my favorite features. This is an excellent resource for writers who want to increase their creative abilities. Being a non-native English speaker, this software helps me avoid saying the wrong thing. It even helped me write this Wordtune review. ?

What they are offering completely changes the way I write. You can't go back to driving without Google Maps once you've gotten used to it, for example. The same goes here.

wordtune AI content assistant is an artficial intelligence based tool
Google Docs integrates well with Wordtune

What is the AI Model Behind Wordtune?

AI21 created a revolutionary model called Haimke. A tremendous amount of data was used to train the model. Thanks to its unique model architecture and a large amount of quality training data, it is able to achieve the results we see. The model developed by AI21 is a competing model to OpenAI's GPT-3 model, released in 2020.

Try out the model at AI21 Studio! AI21 Studio lets you tweak, measure, and play with the parameters of the model. Currently, this model does not offer many features, but more will be coming soon! Using this ai powered model, it will be possible to build unique apps with advanced AI functionality.

Working Everywhere with a Chrome Extension

Wordtune's interface is similar to other AI-powered tools such as Grammarly, but it offers a lot more than just grammar correction. As a writing assistant, this tool provides suggestions to rewrite sentences by predicting what you are trying to say.

WordTune is a lightweight and convenient Chrome extension. Use the widget to generate quality sentence alternatives as you write, whether it's in a Google Doc or a Facebook comment. Likewise, you can improve your grammar or simply customize your text.

Where Do I Use Wordtune?

Wordtune is great whenever you're worried about grammatical errors, in my opinion. You can use it to create better personalized or generic ads to increase audience engagement, or simply to promote your business. Wordtune helps me deliver more effective content to my audience by suggesting new words and phrases I hadn't considered.

Google Docs is seamlessly integrated with its Chrome extension, but this isn't the case with the WordPress editor, where the extension doesn't work. This tool can be used on Gmail to enhance emails, or simply when posting on Facebook for better-personalized content. This AI-powered writing companion can be valuable to companies whose employees do not speak native English. Such tools can help professionals express themselves better.

The company does not yet support languages other than English, but it may do so in the future.

Start With Free Version

WordTune's free version will allow you to write clear, compelling, and authentic content. However, the only feature you'll have is the rewrite option. The other, more advanced writing and suggestions such as casual and formal tone or shortening and expansion will not be available. If you want to give it a try, starting free is a good choice. I recommend you switch to the paid version for more features. This will let you get the best benefits of this AI-powered tool.

wordtune casual tone for ai assistant
Use a Casual tone to change the way to convey your message

Is WordTune Enough to Create Great Content?

In my opinion, it's not enough. While WordTune will improve your writing and grammar, it does not generate content for you.

If you want to boost your speed, I recommend trying Jasper as well. Jasper AI will complement your work and allow you to create content twice as fast. To learn more, read my review of Jasper.

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You're in good hands

You're in good hands

Can I Write Long Articles With Wordtune?

I love using software that helps me write faster and better. However, in my experience, not so much. Wordtune does best with short sentence improvements. It's better for immediate messaging, editing, and rewriting sentences. This tool helps me enlarge my word choice, creating richer content.

For the more marketing and content-focused people, there are better writing tools. I recommend a better AI writing assistant called Jasper. this tool packs tons of marketing-centric features built for content creation and has various enhanced features you won't find in WordTune. Read my in-depth Jasper review here.

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Won't you say hello?

Won't you say hello?

Introducing WordTune Read

Today’s world is full of information, and it’s almost impossible to find time for everything. One of the most useful features of textual AI models is their ability to infer ideas from the text. WordTune took this to the next level, lately introducing WordTune Read, one of the most powerful AI summarization models I've seen.  

As with all models, to create Haimke, or the J1 Jumbo, the company fed it with vast data for training. There are several content summarization services out there, but this one is one of the best.

wordtune read text summarization to create better text using ai
WordTune reading summarization

How Does WordTune Read Work?

wordtune read ai reading summarizer
Use Wordtune Read to read less and understand more

First, you have to provide the algorithm with the URL of the address you wish to get summarized. Then, the algorithm will run through it and, within seconds, will give you great insights and personalized content. One of the most surprising features is the models' ability to create new sentences that summarize the text, not just highlight essential sentences.

WordTune Read is the best tool I've found for summarizing text while offering a completely new way of reading online. So far from what I've tested, the Read platform generated a lot of relevant results and ideas. After Wordtune Read reviews your content, you'll start seeing the summarized paragraph. The Read review options are available just before you start the reading process.

The basic freemium plan includes only 5 test documents to check the service. The pricing model varies by the number of records you choose to summarize.

Wordtune AI Assistant: Wrapping Up

No matter what kind of content you're writing, having a tool to improve your text is always useful. I love Wordtune as an AI writing assistant. It helps me become a better writer, both through grammar and vocabulary.

With this review, I hope that you have gained a better understanding of how to use WordTune as well as its potential benefits. If you want to learn more about AI writing assistants and boost your skills!

Don’t forget to check it out and let me know how it goes!

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