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jarvis by Jarvis is the best ai content generator to create copy marketing content and ads

How to Write a Blog Post in as Little as 10 Minutes … Even If You’re Not A Writer!

In this post I’ll show you how to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to write proven, high converting copy for increased conversions and higher ROI.

You’ll instantly generate high-quality copy for ads, emails, websites, listings and blog posts.

In fact, it helped my blog reach almost 500K organic impressions in just 6 months. And counting.

improve seo and google search results with Jarvis to create better marketing content using ai content generator
My Google Search Console impressions and clicks

Sounds awesome, right?

Let’s dive in and see how it works.

Save Time With The Future Of Content Writing

I’ve been using Jarvis (previously Converison.ai) for quite a while now. It is an AI content generator based on the best textual AI engine out there (GPT-3, to be specific). Jarvis, with its AI called Jarvis, can generate so many types of content for you. The best part is how intuitive, and out of the box, this tool is. Personally, I find Jarvis AI copywriting amazing!

I was able to save hours every day by delegating the hard work to this artificial intelligence service. It solved 80-90 percent of the work. The rest is just mix and match. The results are amazing and indistinguishable from natural speech.

If you’re looking for an AI writing assistant, then look no further than Jarvis. The AI copywriting engine is based on the GPT-3 algorithm, developed by OpenAI, creating a quality copy without any fear of plagiarism. It responds fast and lets you work on diverse topics.

Let Jarvis Write For You

As you can see, Jarvis is a cloud software service based on templates. Each template serves a different purpose. You can create a Facebook ad, a YouTube video description, an Intro paragraph for your blog post, or a Bio for yourself. Let Jarvis generate words for you, whether you’re into social media posts or high converting copy for your website.

Jarvis Boss Mode: Writing Has Never Been Easier

After months of development, Jarvis has finally released Boss Mode. It’s the next generation of AI content generators, letting you seamlessly write more content. You can create blog posts and articles by getting exactly what you ask for. It’s one of the best time savers I’ve seen so far among AI writing assistants.

Ask Jarvis to write an Intro about whatever topic you want, request bullet points about your next idea. All that while writing on the same page. Check out Jarvis Boss Mode program to see more!

Boost Conversion Rates and Grow Your Audience!

This AI does your job for you by collecting data by the millions from all types of sources, including Reddit, Quora, Wikipedia, the Internet Archives, and more. You can type in keywords or phrases, and the AI will automatically generate an article, headlines, Facebook ads, and much more. It can also write blog posts of any length with its slick UI interface. Plus, it has SEO-optimized templates, so your content is always top-notch! 

Jarvis writing assistant has everything for SEO optimized content
Everything you need for SEO optimized content, YouTube videos, and marketing copy
Jarvis content generator uses templates to create content with AI
Use ready templates to create content with AI for social ads, blog posts, and marketing.

Who is Jarvis?!

use jarvis the ai copywriting assistant by Jarvis to generate high converting text with Jarvis
Jarvis is your AI Copywriting assistant and Jarvis spirit 🙂

Jarvis is the AI content generator, based on the legendary AI from the Marvel Comic Movies. Use Jarvis to create high quality text and awesome copywriting materials. All you have to do is give it some basic written information about the idea and topics with the kind of content you want. Let Jarvis write all types of content for you using its pre-made templates that are so useful! When registering to the free trial account, make sure to check everything that Jarvis has to offer.

Won't you say hello? 😇

jarvis ai content generator is the best ai writing assistant using gpt 3

Meet The Team Behind Jarvis

The team that created Jarvis consists of a young, smart, and professional team. Following their first Startup, Proof, this is their second, more mature and well thought through. They are attentive, looking for feedback, and ever-improving. Among the AI tools for content writing I’ve tried, it’s the absolute best.

What I like about them most is how focused they are on creating software that generates quality content. Their focus is to enable an AI powered engine to write high-quality content, based on years of marketing experience. They know how to generate high converting copy for other companies, and they want to bring it to everybody else now.

Eliminate Writer’s Block: Long Blog Post with AI

conversion AI is like google docs without the writer's block

When the guys just launched Jarvis, most templates were focused on short text (and still are). Most templates were limited to 400 characters only. This was useful when creating ads or product descriptions but rather difficult when I wanted to write a full blog post. 

Use AI Content generator to create long form documents and create blog posts using AI and Conversion.ai
The long-form content wizard helps you kickstart a new AI powered blog post

Many Jarvis users (including myself) posted on their Facebook group and discussed different webinars. Eventually, it happened! 

Dave, the CEO, announced the acquisition of Headlime, a competing AI content creation company focused on long form content. Additionally, they launched the long-form assistant! It’s available only to Pro users and allows you to write long, long form content easily. There’s a New Post Wizard to help you start, and then an enhanced editor with an AI boost. It will compose content based on the previous parts you wrote and gives you easy access to other templates.

the long form ai writing assistant help to create blog posts using AI faster
This amazing text editor will boost your writing skills and help you write awesome content.

Writing Blog Posts Blazing Fast Which Means More Free Time!

Using Jarvis for blog posts, I’ve been able to create high converting and much more engaging content. Because you can use this AI powered tool to write high converting copy and social media posts, the ideas it can help you generate are endless.

Remember I told you that the team doesn’t stop generating new features and templates? Look at some of their latest releases. It’s just mind-blowing. Writer’s block really is a part of the past! If you want to see the full list of templates, register to the free trial and check for yourself!

There are 4 templates I love using when creating blog posts with Jarvis:

1. AIDA framework

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, a marketing framework used by copywriting experts and marketers when creating landing pages. It drives us to want and understand the product better. Use Jarvis to write high converting copy, for example:

Attention: Do you want to write better copy?

Interest: Jarvis is a machine learning platform that helps marketers and copywriters create high quality content using AI. We work with some of the world’s largest brands, helping them generate more leads and conversions through their marketing campaigns.

Desire: With Jarvis, you can spend less time writing your next blog post or landing page and more time on what matters most – your customers! Our AI-powered technology will take care of all the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on what really matters – creating engaging content that converts visitors into customers.

Action: Sign up for our free trial today!

Use this template to start your marketing materials, get high-converting text suggestions, and use it as a basis for your next blog post or landing page.

2. Blog Post Intro

The Blog Post Intro template lets you create an intro paragraph for any topic you’d like. In my process of creating a new blog post for my website, I love using it to summarize content, get an overall understanding of a topic, and, of course, start my blog posts. For example:

Title: How to overcome writer’s block using AI?

Intro: Writer’s block can be a frustrating and difficult obstacle to overcome. There are many different ways to combat the issue, but one of the most promising new solutions in artificial intelligence. AI has been used for many years to help solve problems and answer questions that humans have trouble with. When it comes to writer’s block, AI can help by inspiring generating ideas or even creating content entirely from scratch! 

3. Blog Post Outline

This template will give you great copywriting ideas for every topic you’d choose for your blog post. It’s a great way to know how to frame your article, choose interesting points for discussion and get ideas you didn’t think about. For example:

Title: How to write content using AI?


  1. What is AI, and how does it work.
  2. How can you use AI to write content for your business or blog?
  3. Pros and cons of using AI to write content.
  4. Steps on how to write with AI.
  5. Why should I use an AI writer instead of a human writer?
  6. Final thoughts on the pros and cons of writing with artificial intelligence technology.

4. Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph

One of the most difficult this for me is writing a conclusion paragraph for a post. It always feels like I’m repeating myself, and I find it hard to innovate. This template is amazing and will give you a summary-like paragraph for any topic you’d choose. For example, consider a blog post about Jarvis, and you’d get this:

Conclusion paragraph: If you’re looking for a way to generate high-quality copy without the hassle of writing it yourself, then this Jarvis s your answer. With just one click, you can create high quality and professional content that will help increase conversions and ROI on your digital marketing campaigns! Sound too good to be true? I promise you won’t regret trying out our AI service. Click here now to open an account and get started creating great copy within minutes!

More Cool Templates by Jarvis So You Can Get More Leads

For those of you who create mostly social media posts, Facebook ads, Google ads, or articles, there are other cool templates you’d find handy that generate quality content. Let Jarvis write new ideas for you and use its artificial intelligence for great stuff.

1. Press Release Title & Intro

press release title and intro template for Jarvis content generator

Want to describe your product in a more formal way, as if you were a PR company? Write a short description about whatever you want, and a formal, PR news-like output is on the way.

2. Engaging Questions

Engaging questions template for Jarvis writing assistant for copywriting

Ever wanted to better interact with your audience and ask engaging questions to start social media conversations? Just choose a topic and let Jarvis give you a variety of questions to ask and to post online.

3. Quora Answers

Quora answers template for Jarvis content generator and long blog posts artificial intelligence

Many copywriters and marketers write long answers on Quora to establish their online presence, market their blog, or write content for a customer. The Quora answers template will help you frame your responses for any topic you choose. The output will be in the format of an answer, with details regarding your chosen topic.

4. Text Summarizer

Text summarizer template for Jarvis artificial intelligence software engine for content writing

Sometimes you want to do the exact opposite and get the main theme of a paragraph, a long text. Simple past a paragraph (up to 600 characters), and the AI-powered engine will provide you with a single summarizing sentence of the whole text.

5. Google My Business – What’s New and More

Use Google My Business Template with Jarvis to generate new posts for your marketing audience

One of the best ways to rank your company on Google is by optimizing your listing in Google My Business. GMB is a platform where a company can manage information, content, and reviews seen on Google. Almost every digital marketing agency will recommend polishing your Google My Business listing for small to medium local business owners. Share what’s happening at the company, answer customer questions or post photos of products. This platform has become a vital marketing tool for today’s small business owners. 

6. Creative Story

Let jarvis write a creative story by Jarvis to boost your marketing copy

Are you looking for a cool story to tell on your own, rather than just one for Instagram? Make your marketing copy more compelling by having Jarvis write a story. You can expect a delicious and juicy output, which is sure to hook your readers. Instead of marketing templates, write real, entertaining content. If you want to go for more interest, you can tune it for suspense, drama, or quirky styles.

You're in good hands

Pricing: Free Trial, Unlimited and Word Based Subscriptions

There are multiple ways you can start using Jarvis. Each is a different price range. For beginners, I’d recommend going for the 5-day free trial to test the waters. It would give you a good indication of whether you need it or now and will let you play around with the system. Let Jarvis write cool stuff for you, check the generated content and decide for yourself.

I’d recommend going for the Pro subscription for the more heavy users, copywriters, content creators, or an agency creating content for clients. It’s unlimited, let’s you generate as many words as you’d like. Additionally, you can use the long form writing assistant to generate articles, blog posts, PR releases, and much more.

For those in between, go for the most basic subscription, which starts at 20K words per month. Use this link to get an extra 10K words. This way, you pay only for content Jarvis generated for you. This is the most affordable solution out of the bunch when it comes to price, but not necessarily to value.

Jarvis Academy: Mastering AI Powered Marketing Content

Every new tool has a learning curve. We want to maximize the results, but how can we ensure that our efforts aren’t simply wasted time and money? The team at Jarvis created a curated list of training videos, and to their surprise, most of them were created by community members who had faced problems and found the best way to use the tool.

Jarvis Academy covers different topics, among these, you can find:

  1. How to let Jarvis write the best social media posts?
  2. SEO techniques for new Jarvis users.
  3. How to write long AI powered blog posts?
  4. How to write a book and publish it on Amazon within 7 days?
  5. Tips and Tricks using Jarvis.
  6. Finding an Idea for a killer blog post.

Additionally, you’ll find a way to create better Facebook ads emails, and so on. These videos describe the process many heavy Jarvis users are using daily, and it’s the best source of knowledge.

Conclusion: Jarvis Pros & Cons

As someone who does not speak English as their first language, I feel that with this ai powered product, my English level is much higher, and I generate content with greater ease than I ever have. Using Jarvis is easy, fun, and provides tons of value for anyone who writes content. I love letting Jarvis write content for me, and I really see how it improves my quality.

If your main focus is copywriting, marketing and sales, creating ads, or product listings, I think you’ll find that using Jarvis provides you with great value. I believe that a marketing agency or a team of copywriters will save many hours using this tool.

Let’s review again some of the Pros and Cons I see about Jarvis:


  • Generates high-quality content without plagiarism
  • Templates to generate many types of content
  • SEO Analysis Integration
  • Tons of instruction videos
  • The team is open to feedback
  • Founded by marketing experts
  • Highly engaged FB community


  • Long-Form available to Jarvis Pro members only
  • Subscription model – pay monthly to use it
  • AI content requires manual editing

You can start trying Jarvis with a 5-day free trial. The feedback I have received from other people, especially those who create a lot of content, has been as positive as mine. Take the trial to see how you can save time, get creative, and do more. It’s a game-changer.

So… What Do You Think?

Now I want to hear from you.

What do you think about Jarvis?

Or maybe I missed something in my review.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

4.9/5 (15 Reviews)

16 Responses

  1. Hey Guy, thanks for the thorough review!
    My team is debating whether we should invest in marketing technologies that rely on AI tools. They are worried that it will produce low quality text and content. What advice would you give us on the matter?

    1. That’s a really good question. I thought the same thing before I started using Jarvis.
      After using it for the first time, I was blown away by the quality of the content it generated. As I said, use it as a writing assistant, and it will produce 80-90 percent of the job for you. It’s not always perfect, and you have to edit and mix and match, but the boost you get is incredible.

      Using the long-form assistant and many other templates, I was able to double my speed more. I think it’s even better for marketing purposes, as such an AI content generator could speed up Ad creation, marketing templates, and much more.

      Due to the fact that GPT-3, the algorithm behind Jarvis, crawled a large portion of the internet, it can produce high quality text, such as you would find in Wikipedia and other research websites.

      One last thing – the team behind Jarvis is marketing-focused. That’s their expertise – starting from Dave, the CEO, Austin Distel, the CMO, and other marketing experts who joined them. This makes them focused on producing a product that would fit marketers and marketing agencies just like you.

      I hope this helps a bit 🙂 The best you can do is actually give its a test, register for the free trial and check for yourself. I think once you put all AI prejudice aside-you’ll find much value when using it!

      1. Definitely helped! We just started using Jarvis, I’ll update will our own consequences later on. We’re already starting to see some great results for blogs posts and ads 🙂

  2. A customer reached to my marketing agency and asked if we can write SEO optimized blog posts and articles. I wonder if Jarvis can be tuned to write optimized quality content that will also be seo friendly, have you tried doing that?

    1. Hey Jeremy,
      Your question is one of the most commented questions in the Jarvis Facebook group. Jarvis recently released an integration with SurferSEO that lets you optimize long form content. In essence, it generates keywords for you based on a topic you choose, which I find extremely helpful.

      As an additional suggestion, you could also check out the Jarvis academy (link above in my article), where there are videos on that topic. There are example workflows you could follow is based on proven processes by many long term users.

      This could be a great match if your customer is looking for articles and blog posts on niche topics, but not too technical. In order to access the long form document writer, you’ll need a Pro subscription, but a basic subscription should suffice for much of the rest..

  3. Jarvis has saved me a lot of time. Being a fresh startup cofounder, I never find time for content creation. That’s just too much work!
    The AI engine is really helpful so far and generated some great copy.
    We use it for microcopy on our SaaS platform, emails, and our website’s landing page.
    I won’t say it’s 100% out of the box since editing is needed, but it saved us tons of time.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I totally agree with what you’re saying, and I think it is a great marketing tool for entrepreneurs and new startups. Waiting to see what you guys are creating in your new Startup!

  4. I’m skeptical about this. Artificial intelligence won’t be able to replace copywriting. For real marketing content, it’s never going to be good enough.

    1. Hey Frank,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have discussed these topics with many people who have similar opinions to yours.
      Some of the time, you are right. Tools powered by artificial intelligence aren’t as sophisticated as humans, especially in detecting the right context and seeing the big picture.
      Despite this, I strongly believe that artificial intelligence provides an amazing boost for 80% of use cases.
      1. Idea generation – you can find many ideas, keywords, and topics that you wouldn’t normally consider
      2. As GPT-3 (the AI engine behind Jarvis) was trained on Wikipedia, Reddit, and other large content websites, the generated content is genuine, like consulting a knowledgeable person.
      3. AI comes in handy when trying to come up with unique titles, descriptions, and other relevant content (especially for social media).
      AI assistants have the potential to improve life in huge ways, with the emphasis placed on “assistant.” Although it’s not a replacement (maybe not yet.. 🙂 ), it’s a tool that will enable you to get going faster.

  5. Thanks to Google I found this post! Several months ago, we started using Jarvis for listings on Amazon and eBay. It has improved the content our VAs create and is much faster than before. There is an editor who reviews what they create, but we have definitely increased our pipeline.

  6. I also find Jarvis useful when coupled with WordTune because it’s easy to create high converting text with these two tools together.
    The templates for different types of content is useful and I use if for my blogs to landing pages as well

    1. Thanks for sharing David! I love mixing Jarvis with WordTune, I think it’s a wonderful startup, and I love how seamless the content is generating.

  7. I love this tool. Great customer support and the team is always there to help. I’m not great at copywriting, and English is not my mother tongue, but this tool made it so easy to create content.

    1. Glad to hear that! My mother tongue is not English as well, and I find this tool super useful. In general I think AI writing assistants are helpful and make life easier 🙂

  8. I really like the new Jarvis Boss mode. It lets me write things quickly, and it makes my blog posts faster than before. It took about one hour for me to create a new landing page using Jarvis which is fantastic.

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