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The NFT trading ecosystem is exploding, and is the ultimate NFT trading powerhouse! As part of the NFT revolution, new and exciting NFT analytics tools emerge that give us more data. offers NFT traders access to floor charts, trending collections, whale activity on NFTs, notifications of new nun fungible tokens mints, and more! provides NFT analytics that improves their trading abilities and gives them preliminary data and knowledge.

Why NFT Analytics Necessary?

Before we deep dive into the generative art and non fungible tokens space, it is composed of many different collector groups, various ecosystems, and much more. NFT traders who want to get an advantage constantly search for new trends, an interesting project, or a sign of a new hype.

Take for example the Loaded Lions collection by, which exploded from $200 into $6000 in a matter of days. You’d want to know when these things happen first.

When buying or selling NFTs, it is way easier to approach this ecosystem with tools and analytics. is still an early stage NFT project, and new users can benefit from unique perks and features which will later not be available.

What Tools Will Give You?

Nonfungible tokens analysis tools are spreading across the web. Exodia is an NFT tool built by NFT enthusiasts and addresses essential pain points and helps users better navigate the space.

Token Gated Community

Exodia NFT holders can join our exclusive Discord group. By joining Exodia today, you’ll get premium access to their closed community, providing unique NFT marketplaces data.

Wallet Tracking & NFT Analytics

Follow the activities of NFT traders and see how your NFT portfolio’s value has behaved historically. This tool will give you the live status of various NFT projects, including sales volume, latest trends, and more. In addition, Exodia follows leading Twitter accounts in the NFT world.

Historical Floor Charts & Sales Volume

Discover historical floor and volume charts for your favorite NFT collections. This includes marketplace fair price, top collections in the market, trending projects, and a mix of platforms.

Rarity Tool and Rarity Charts for NFT Projects

Use unique rarity tools and NFT analysis tools, including trait rarity and score, to determine the rarity of NFT top collections. In addition, track various statistics about projects, NFT fair price, and an overview of the latest news.

Hot Collection Alerts of Digital Assets

Ensure you don’t miss out on the next 100x moment by getting alerted when numerous NFT projects collections start trending. For example, Exodia follows leading NFT marketplaces and live blockchain data to give its users more special non fungible tokens.

The Next Features are up for Vote

The token holders decide which features will enter the system next, guiding the development process.

How Can I Trust

The first thing you must ask yourself when evaluating any project in the crypto world is whether you can trust it or not. It’s important to understand whether you can expect them to stay for the long run, or to quickly disappear.

Both founders, Amir and Elie, have been in the NFT space for over 4 years. They have a broad software development background and are on a path to creating a long-lasting NFT community and NFT analytics tools.

How Can I Join? is a new NFTanalysis project, and as with many crypto-based projects, they offer benefits and perks for early adopters and new users. If you open an account now, you could get lifetime access to the platform, and a token that will give you platform benefits in the future.

Get your lifetime access token today right here!

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