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Many crypto exchanges compete for our attention, urging us to join, trade, stake, or buy. is among my favorite platforms out there. With a growing user base of more than 10 million users, they are now one of the world's largest crypto platforms. This Crypto com review explains why I believe is worth a try. I want to help you understand whether is a safe and reliable company you can trust. We will go over the card and discuss the new NFT platform for trading NFT and getting new NFT drops.

Who is is one of the leading crypto wallet app, crypto exchange, and NFT platforms. Through its app, credit card account service (crypto Visa card), exchange, and Defi wallet, serves over 10 million customers worldwide.

The company was founded in 2016 and initially launched in an ICO (Initial coin offering) of the CRO coin. The ICO was completed in 2017 and raised 26.7 million dollars. coin, or CRO, is currently one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, valued at a staggering 15 billion dollars.

Is Safe, and Should I Trust It? has been around for seven years as a crypto company. The company headquarters are in Singapore, while development and management are in the United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

If you wonder whether is safe for you, read on. I will try to address as many points as possible.

Investing crypto through the exchange has some risk factors you should be aware of, especially when owning a significant amount of coins. In such cases, you can use a cold storage wallet, like Trezor, for example.

We will discuss later the significant partnerships has signed during 2021, which prove how much trust large institutions put in the platform.

What Can I Find on provides an automatic cryptocurrency price tracker that will allow you to track a range of coins you choose. They include a payment service between app users, coin tracking strategies, and a DeFi wallet, among many others.

Why Did I Choose offers a very easy-to-use mobile wallet. It was one of the first exchanges to start only as a mobile wallet, later moving to a website-based trading platform.

A lot of people ask is safe, and from what I've seen you can securely store your crypto on Furthermore, the mobile app makes it easy to buy, sell, or stake crypto. It's even possible to stake fees-free for a return of up to 10% per year.

You should be able to complete the account setup process within minutes. You’ll need the standard KYC documents for the account opening journey, such as a passport or driver's license. Be mindful that the actual regulator restrictions may vary depending on your country of origin.

What Are the Benefits of Using

  • Easy to use app for both Android and iOS
  • Relatively low purchase fees
  • The high market cap for increased trust and long-term support
  • Crypto-backed Visa debit card.
  • Supercharger plan for simple DeFi staking.

Some other crypto platforms such as Binance or Kraken, target expert users, institutional investors, and more complex trading features. wants to be a simple and efficient platform, which I highly value.

Launching NFT Marketplace has recently launched its NFT marketplace, allowing users to trade, collect, and mint NFTs. In addition, the company collaborates within the NFT space to gain new users and attract attention. 

Check out my NFT profile to view my collections! I recently participated in the Loaded Lion exclusive NFT drop, and got myself some cool lions! ? ? ? nft platform with loaded lion nft drop collection
My Loaded Lion collection on the NFT platform

What is the NFT Marketplace?

The NFT marketplace allows artists, creators, and brands to mint and uploads their NFT artworks. The marketplace launches unique NFT drops where users may purchase with CRO, credit card, or other cryptocurrencies. Among the top artists on the platform, you can find Aston Martin, Snoop Dogg, and DressX. You can get unique NFT drops and special collections, available only on that platform.

How Do I Sign up for Nft Platform?

After you create a app account, access the NFT marketplace and view the existing collections. There are many interesting collaborations being made on this new NFT marketplace. Sign up through an easy process, and make sure to connect your App account to your NFT account. This is important for payment reasons. NFT Collaborations

Some of the most exciting collaborations in this space are currently taking place on the marketplace. The online fashion e-commerce platform Dressx collaborated with, allowing users to get special NFT drops and collections. Together, both companies offer a significant online store where you can purchase wearable NFTs for your future avatar. In addition, you can view the DressX NFT drop collection on the platform and visit their complete DressX brand page.

The Loaded Lions PFP NFT Collection NFT's first PFP is the Loaded Lions collection. NFT collection drop is the first native platform-owned PFP project in the NFT space. Several of the NFTs in the collection are rarer than others, and some are legendary. There are 10,000 "Loaded Lion" NFTs in this collection. Each of the traits is hand-drawn by CDC's talented creative team. This collection is quickly becoming valuable in price, spreading virally over the web.

How Can I Withdraw Money after Selling an NFT?

The process of withdrawing funds is actually quite simple. Once you've sold a piece, all you need to do is go to your account activity tab and click Request Payout. You will receive your funds in your app account, where you can do whatever you want with them. When you hit Request Payout, the funds will be sent, but you can only do this once every 24 hours for security reasons.

request payout from nft platform after selling nft drop for loaded lion collection

Is It Safe to Hold My NFT on

Sure, but as with any NFT purchase and collection, you must be aware of the associated risk. If you ever bought an NFT on OpenSea you might have minted it on the Polygon network or Ethereum. NFTs purchased on the platform are minted on the Cronos chain and can be withdrawn to any wallet of your choice. The Cronos chain is proprietary blockchain, where NFTs are minted. Remember that it must be an NFT wallet on the CRO blockchain network. Otherwise, your NFT may be lost forever…

How Can I Get My First Card for Free?

The Visa card is one of the company's unique features. Since the beginning, it has been their primary offering to users and has attracted much attention since day one.

In addition to earning cashback,'s card is also a credit or debit card. It gives you cash back at any merchant without fees. Naturally, as you spend more, the higher your cashback rate will be.

Your cashback and other benefits depend on the card tier you choose and how much CRO you stake. You can view the cardholder agreement when you apply. Keep track of your card spending to see how it impacts your crypto balance, taking advantage of the low interbank exchange rate.

What is Unique About the Crypto Visa Card?

To receive this card, you need to stake a certain amount of CRO, crypto com's native currency. Then, depending on the card level you wish to get, you'd be eligible to apply and receive crypto rewards once you've staked these coins.

You can pay with your crypto balance when you use the metal visa card, which pays back cashback in crypto.

As a result, you receive crypto cashback. In addition, your account will receive a certain amount of CRO for each purchase made with this metal Visa card by If you ask whether crypto com is safe to use as a visa card, you should read all the descriptions entitled in the card agreement.

Rock Solid Strategic Partnerships! has established significant strategic partnerships with some of the most prominent players in the industry through 2021. These partnerships will increase value, traffic, and users in the long term.

Taking Over the Downtown Los Angeles Venue! has entered strategic partnerships with major sports venues, organizations, sports teams, and prominent players across industries. The arena is the most extensive sponsorship so far.

The arena was formerly known as Staples Center but is now called Arena. A 700 million deal is said to have taken place to take over the Downtown Los Angeles venue. Known worldwide as the NBA all-star venue, Arena is a historic venue for all-star games. This sponsorship deal with a well-known Los Angeles institution, the Staples Center, marks the beginning of a new era in crypto public acceptance.

The company has decided to sponsor other leading sports teams, like the Brooklyn Nets, and update its slogan. The new slogan stands for "fortune favors the brave," attracting new users and investors into this field.

Getting Matt Daemon as the lead official presenter

One of the decisions that transformed branding in 2021 has been choosing Matt Daemon to be its lead presenter. Matt is one of Hollywood's most renowned actors. In addition, the company decided on Matt Daemon to bring more retail investors into the app and in general. What used to be a niche-only market in previous years has become standard across the entire population.

Long-term Collaboration With Twitch created many strategic partnerships in 2021, including the collaboration with Twitch. Twitch is one of the most popular and well-known streaming companies worldwide. Every day, millions of gamers stream their performances and games on the platform. The link between gaming and crypto is one of the most important trends in the gaming industry going forward. More and more games are becoming Play-to-Earn, which allows players to win tokens that they can use and alter later on.

Having a partnership with Twitch will bring millions of new users to the platform, as they will funnel traffic from gamers looking to trade their tokens and coins. This could lead to an infinite number of new applications for the platform in the future. Additionally, the partnership could provide a lot of benefits to the NFT platform, as players can trade artifacts and much more.

How Can I Deposit Money Into allows you to either deposit crypto or through a bank transfer. If you choose to deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other coin, make sure to verify you're using the correct address scheme. Wrong address types may result in lost funds, and that's a real pity.

When choosing to deposit funds using a bank transfer, you can do it through a wire transfer, an ACH transfer, or an international IBAN transfer. However, ACH bank transfers are available only for US citizens and those with a verified US KYC. Once you deposit funds, you can trade or convert them to whatever currency you'd like, supported by the platform.

How Can I Withdraw Money From

Withdrawing money from Crypto com is reasonably straightforward and requires you to go through primary KYC verification with some identifying documents. There are two ways to withdraw funds. First, you could withdraw funds from your crypto balance, which you can do to whatever address you choose, or withdraw funds to your bank account. 

Bear in mind that some banks might permanently block transactions coming from crypto institutions. However, this should be relatively simple, and in a single wire transfer, you could withdraw as much as you want.

How Can I buy crypto on

Buying crypto is pretty straightforward. You can buy crypto using a credit card for a transaction fee of 2.99%. Alternatively, you can deposit funds through a wire transfer direction, converted to USDC. Alternatively, you can deposit crypto funds and restore them on the platform. When computing the actual purchase or transaction cost, always account for all the fees.

Always remember that trading involves risk, which you need to consider. If you want to learn more about starting in the crypto field, use my Bitcoin starter guide as a reference.

Are There Any Actual Regulatory Restrictions?

In general, every country has a different local regulation, affecting your ability to work with the platform.

Local Regulation of

The federal government regulates this ecosystem constantly. Under local regulations, the company has to act differently. The government is trying to fight money laundering activities.

Trading Fees on

Trading fees are pretty low and range between 0.35% to crypto transactions and 2.99% for credit purchases. The 3% credit card purchase fee is reasonably standard in the crypto space, and it can reach up to 8%, so be aware of that. Trading NFT through is subject to the fee of that relevant blockchain network.

Earn More Coins By Staking On

Staking coins is one of the most common ways to gain additional funds in the crypto space. Your staked coins commonly act as collateral to create validator nodes or indicate support for the protocol. Some masternodes require staked coins and have a high rate of return. lets you stake coins for a variable amount of time.

For example, you can stake coins to get access to the Visa credit card, for which you need to stake for six months for a 10% APR (annual percentage rate). Alternatively, you can stake coins for a variable amount of time, between 1 to 3 months, for a lower APR of between 2% to 6%.

Remember that when staking coins, your funds and locked, and you cannot liquidate them. Additionally, they are subject to a higher risk than simply sitting in your balance. For example, when you open a Visa card account, you'd have to stake coins. So, is crypto com safe to stake coins? I believe so, but you must first read and verify this yourself.

The Wallet App started as a wallet app and later progressed into an additional trading interface and much more. In addition, the app includes payment services that you can use to transfer funds cheaply between users.

Why Is the CRO Token Rising in Value?

Generally speaking, CRO has been so far a good investment, rising in value by over 10x in 2021.

One of the main reasons that coin CRO skyrocketed was that in 2021, initiated countless new sponsorships and marketing endeavors. These positioned it in a good place next to all other crypto giants. However, when you choose to stake your CROs, you should know that some associated risk factors are inherent in this investment.

Your CRO tokens are staked or locked for a specified period, after which the platform releases them back to your account. YOU can find the specified fee schedule on the investment terms present before confirming.

Your invested capital operates the network of CRO validators, which run the network. Additionally, your invested capital acts as loan collateral for long and short-term investments and much more.

The fee schedule for varies based on your trading volume. You can view the schedule fee, but a discounted price of 0.36% per transaction is what you'll pay for most people.

Do You Want to Give a Try? is one of the most innovative exchanges in the world. Their mobile app makes it easier than ever to buy, sell or stake your crypto with ease and security. So whether you're looking for a simple way to store your digital assets on an easy-to-use platform that you can access, You can access through the internet - or if you want 10% annual returns without fees while staking your crypto. Use the NFT collection and

Sign up now and win free $25 upon signup! 

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