Save Time with Text Expander and Make Life Easier!

Save time with text expansion and make life easier. Avoid typing the same text over and over again with Text Expander and be more productive
Save Time with Text Expander and Make Life Easier!

I love shortcuts. They make life easier, faster, and hassle-free. Above all, I don’t like typing the same text repeatedly, which is why I find text expander perfect for me.

Do you have stuff you type repeatedly? Any links you send to friends or your followers daily? Maybe you use Jarvis AI to create content, but copy-pasting your brand description, again and again, seems a waste of your time. In this example, I’ll be showcasing Jarvis, one of my favorite AI tools that generate awesome copy and content for me. If you still don’t know me, you should definitely check it out!

Using a text expander will help you exactly that!

Use Text Expander with Jarvis to save time


Text Expansion in Action!

How does Text Expansion work?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Text expansion is the perfect hack for people who want to be more productive. It’s a small hack that can increase your productivity and make you worry less about how to type long phrases. Using text expansion, you’ll be able to create more in less time. 🤓

  1. Find a Text You Often Type or Copy and Paste

    Take your website URL, an affiliate link, your brand description, or your favorite input to Jarvis.
    Let’s take my affiliate link to

    without text expansion you have to type a lot

  2. Choose a Shortcut for this Text

    I want my shortcut to be @cn, which will become

    It’s recommended to start every shortcut in a unique symbol ($ or @), so you never use it by mistake.

    Text Expansion for affiliate links

  3. Plug the shortcut in the Text Expansion List

    There are options for Mac Users and Windows Users.
    Mac Users – Mac OS already has Text Expansion is built-in and will work anywhere you type (Chrome and other Apps).
    Windows Users – You’ll need to install a Chrome Extension of an additional App.

    Text expander list on your mac computer

  4. Enjoy your new shortcut!

    Try it yourself! Type the abbreviation, and it will automatically expand into the phrase you’ve given it!
    See in this GIF, I’m typing @cn, and it is replaced automatically by

    Text Expansion for affiliate links

Text Expander for Mac Users

Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Text or open the quick navigator and type Keyboard.

Search for Keyboard Settings to Open Text Expander

You’ll find the following list waiting to be filled:

Mac users can benefit from text expansion to boost productivity
Text Expansion list under System Preferences > Keyboard > Text

Start filling your required expanded text on the right-hand side and the shortcut on the left side. Make sure that the shortcut is short and something you can remember. Don’t overuse it – otherwise, you’ll start forgetting your shortcuts.

Text Expander for Windows Users

Windows users who want to use a text expander will have to download additional software.

Auto Text Expander Chrome Extension – An easy-to-use extension for your Chrome Browser if you don’t want to install additional software.

Try aText – a simple tool that lets you have a Mac-like interface, simple to use and intuitive. Works all over your Windows, not only in Chrome.

Text Expander on

I love using with Text Expander. My favorite use for it is for brand names or brand descriptions. It’s convenient and time-saving after you plug the same content several times to get your brand’s relevant results.

Use Text Expansion with Jarvis to save time

Tips and Hacks for your Text Expander

  • Don’t create too many shortcuts – keep a limited number of abbreviations, otherwise you’ll start forgetting them.
  • Start your shortcuts with a symbol – @ or &. This will prevent you from mistakenly inserting text where you don’t want it.
  • Pay attention to your common copy + paste – these are usually the best for text expansion.
  • When creating posts online, on Reddit, or on Quora, I sometimes want to attach a link to one of my posts. If you have a post you commonly refer to, that’s a perfect use case for a Text Expander.

Text Expander will help you be more productive and save time. Text expansion is a small hack that I find useful, as I worry less about typing long phrases or links I commonly use.

If you love hacks that make life easier, make sure to visit my list of 5 AI tools to boost your writing skills here, where you’ll find awesome tools that will help you create better content and create better copy.

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