The Ultimate Elementor Checklist for a New Website!

Guy Eshet
January 31, 2021
The Ultimate Elementor Checklist for a New Elementor Website!

Have you just launched a new website? Are you thinking about launching one and want to make sure that your site is perfect? Well, we’ve got the ultimate Elementor checklist for a new website just for you. It covers everything from design to functionality and even SEO.

1. Install a Fresh WordPress installation

Take the official version from WordPress or use an automated installer at your favorite Host or Plesk as I use.

2. Basic WordPress Settings Setup

– Settings -> General -> Time Zone Settings
– Settings -> Permalinks -> Post Identifier

3. Register ReCaptcha V3

Important for Spam Protection, register at the Offical Google ReCaptcha

4. Create a Facebook App ID

facebook app id

Login into Facebook App Developers Portal and create a new App. All you need is the App ID (It’s not a secret number, secret numbers are located in a different areas)

5. Facebook App ID For Elementor Users

facebook app id in elementor

Paste the App ID under Elementor Settings -> Integrations -> Facebook App ID

6. Create a new Google Analytics Property

Enter Google Analytics and create a new GA4 Property. Copy the measurement ID for Google Tag Manager (next step)

7. Register Google Tag Manager

After you created a Google Analytics ID, follow how to add the Google Tag Manager guide and connect the two.

8. Register at Google WebMasters

Letting Google know your website exists at Google WebMaster. We will need to submit the sitemap here. Register your domains with all combinations (critical!):

9. Generate Marketing Copy and Content

You’re about to launch your new blog and write some awesome content- but there’s one thing holding you back: You’ve never written anything before. What kind of content do you create – engaging or creative?

I know it sounds like a daunting task to create content, but I have some tips that will speed up the writing process and improve your quality. There are AWESOME tools to create content using artificial intelligence. These tools are trained on billions of texts and help you choose the best alternatives out there. Don’t panic – nothing comes to replace you – it’s just a huge boost. You’ll not believe how much time you save with these AI Assistants!

Check out my list of the 5 best AI Assistant tools to boost your writing skills to see for yourself!

You’ll be able to generate content without many difficulties – faster and easier than ever before and get over any writer’s block if you ever tackle one.

base cta background

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Guy Eshet

Guy Eshet is an expert in Blockchain technologies, NFTs, and Web development. Guy has been developing software for over 15 years, currently focusing on Web3. Guy is fluent in 5 languages, loves meeting new people, learning about various topics, and improving his skills.
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