Loaded Lions: Crypto.com PFP (Profile Pic) NFT Collection

Loaded Lions is Crypto.com NFT's first PFP (profile picture) Collection. The Lions skyrocketed 30x from $200 to $6,000 in the first few days. There are 10,000 "Loaded Lion" NFTs in the collection, which include rare and legendary items. Don't miss out on this awesome collection! Read more and join the community!
loaded lions nft collection pfp by crypto.com as unique profile pic

Loaded Lions: The First Crypto.com PFP NFT Collection

The Loaded Lions collection is Crypto.com NFT’s debut PFP (profile picture) drop. This NFT collection is the first native platform-owned PFP project that Crypto.com releases in the NFT space. Some NFTs in the collection have different rarity than others, while others are considered legendary. This NFT collection includes 10,000 algorithmically generated “Loaded Lion” NFTs. All traits have been hand-drawn by CDC’s talented creative team. In this blog post, we’ll explore the history behind this collection. We will also discuss the Loaded Lions NFT price prediction forecast and its future in the Mane Net.

Current Floor Price:

What are the Loaded Lions PFP (Profile Pic) NFTs?

Released by the official Crypto.com account, this Loaded Lions collection contains ten thousand unique pieces. Furthermore, each Lion NFT has a unique characteristic chosen programmatically to ensure a unique collectible item. This means that no two lions will share exactly the same attributes. We’ll discuss later on in the article which attributes exist.

What is a PFP (Profile Pic) NFT?

Among the most frequently asked questions are what PFP stands for. PFP is common slang in the nonfungible token world and simply means a profile pic. Users replace their profile pictures, usually on Twitter or Discord, with the NFT they own, to show their support, beliefs, and portfolio. Some of the most successful NFT collections have been PFP collections, such as the Bored Apes and Lazy Lions collections.

Launching the Crypto.com NFT Platform

In addition to its crypto exchange and diversification strategies, Crypto.com is moving into the NFT market. In this new space, which brings users from all over the world, there are still many untapped opportunities for the company. Other platforms are launching soon NFT marketplaces soon, including Coinbase, FTX, and other significant players in the crypto field all across the world. OpenSea for example is one of the top competitors, minting NFTs on Etheruem and the Polygon network.

This unique PFP collection is one of the first large marketing campaigns the company is pursuing, bringing more users to sign in and use the platform.

Why Should I Own a Lion NFT?

Loaded Lions NFT owners will gain access to the Mane Net, a secret network soon to be released by the Crypto com team. One of their marketing strategies has been convincing users to purchase NFTs, to receive future benefits and perks.

Update: Crypto.com is starting to update more about the Mane Net. Seems like the Mane Net will have to do with unique discounts, real-world experiences, skipping-the-line perks, and much more. I will update this post as more details are revealed

Wanna Join the
Exclusive Lions Club?

loaded lions nft collection by crypto.com nft platform sold for one million dollars

Live from the Loaded Lions NFT Drop

It took less than three hours to sell the entire collection. The initial price of each lion nun fungible token was 200 dollar. The strong marketing campaign has brought many buyers to join the Loaded Lions NFT holders circle. Alternatively, buyers could pay with a credit card, crypto, or the Crypto.com App balance.

NFT tokens are minted on Crypto.com’s native CRO chain on the Crypto Com blockchain. Furthermore, each NFT is minted by the on chain generators and given unique a unique address. You could, later on, transfer your NFT into your own wallet.

live from the crypto.com loaded lions nft drop as pfp profile pic
A new NFT is born!

How Did You Find This NFT Collection?

Funny enough, this was purely a coincidence. Crypto.com’s new NFT platform caught my eye as I researched them online. The time was 13:00, and I had accidentally noticed a significant NFT drop was scheduled for 15:00. An hour before, a friend canceled a meeting scheduled for that time. What luck!

Apparently, there was an announcement several weeks before the collection debuted, but I somehow missed it.

Gotta Have Some Luck

The NFT drop page stated that every item would be sold for 200 dollars. I took a deep breath, gathered my courage, and decided to go for it. Each user account was allowed to purchase up to five NFT collectibles. I entered the NFT drop link on 15:08 and was shocked by what I saw. 

Inline to buy one, I was number 3767. My first thought was that I had missed my chance. However, I was able to see screenshots of others who had been standing 50,000 inline on the Crypto.com discord channel! It made me realize just how much demand there is for these PFP NFTs.

The line to buy loaded lions nft collection pfp by crypto.com as unique profile picture
3767 ahead in line 😲

Pushing Through the Load

The system almost crashed, the line was stuck, and everything was slow. I guess this marketing campaign and news caught the system off guard. Eventually, one and a half hours later, I managed to get five packs of lions, opened them, and discovered the surprise inside. I wasn’t prepared for how fast the price would rise. I sold one lion for $1250 the next day to test whether it worked.

Besides that, I’m now HODLing πŸ™‚ A real community of lions is forming behind the scenes of collectors and owners who want to help each other. People follow each other on Twitter and give each other advice, and there is even a secret Telegram group for owners only. This makes me quite bullish on the Loaded Lions NFT price prediction looking into the future.

Opening a new pack of NFT drop loaded lion from crypto.com nft platform
A pack of freshly minted Loaded Lions!

How to Get Started with This PFP NFT Collection?

Buying one is the first thing you need to do! You can buy one (or more) by visiting the Crypto.com NFT marketplace, where many Loaded Lions are up for sale. Some people sell NFTs through an auction, while others offer them to “Buy Now”.

Once you open an account in the Crypto.com platform, you’ll be able to see your profile page, where your purchases will be available right after you pay. If this project goes as well as other similar projects on Etheruem and Solana, this collection may be a great source for a nice passive income in the future.

How Can I Buy a Loaded Lion?

Currently, you can buy these NFTs only on the Crypto.com NFT platform and not on others platforms. Simply sign up onto the Crypto.com NFT platform and log in. Unfortunately, there’s no mobile application ready for it yet. The Crypto.com App supports the platform for payment purposes.

When you sign up, search the marketplace for an item of your choice, and place a bid if it’s in an auction. Check again when the auction is over, and closer to its end date. Auctions may last several days, and prices usually jump as the closing time approaches. Prices usually skyrocket for lions of high rarity valuation. There are some market strategies for winning auctions, so I recommend researching them further.

Using the Buy Now Option

It is also possible to purchase a non fungible token at a “Buy Now” price. If you buy the NFT this way, you pay for it immediately, but the costs may be higher than at an auction.

Some frequently asked questions include the payment options for NFTs. Payment methods vary with credit cards, crypto coins, or CRO balances on the Crypto.com App. Choose the payment method you prefer, and you’re good to go.

Click on this link to view the official page of the NFT collection.

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How Rare Is My Lion?

The rarity of every lion is dependent on various attributes, among which are:

  • Eyes (20 types) – Lion eyes, angry eyes, laser eyes…
  • Earrings (9 types) – Silver Ring, Silver Stud, nothing…
  • Face (19 types) – Big smile, Spartan mask, Red ghost mask…
  • Head (26 types) – Black hair, Red crypto.com cap, brown summer hat…
  • Outfit (40 types) – Pirate, Anubis, Bruce Lee, Black tee
  • Body (16 types) – Panda, Black, Green…
  • Background (20 types) – Red, Yellow, Blue…

Each attribute repeats among all lions a certain amount of time, thus creating its rarity. This depends on how many lions in the collection share it.

The rarity score is computed as the number of items with the attributes divided by 10,000.

For example, there are 1073 NFTs with purple hipster glasses (10.73% rarity), but only 1 with a silver background (0.01% rarity, which is the rarest item you can find).

How Can I Check the Lion’s Unique Attributes?

Go to the Loaded Lion profile page, check this one for example, and click View Properties. This will open a list of attributes and show you the percentage of each one. You can check the properties of any available item on the platform. The lowest percentage rate means a lion of an elevated rarity rank. Some lions have been inspired by specific figures, such as PlanB, Edmund Hillary, the Wright brothers, Magellan, and more.

a list of rarity attributes for every nft in crypto.com loaded lions pfp collection
Every NFT has some rarity traits which have been set by the algorithm

Some Recent Loaded Lions NFT Holders

Celebrities from all over the world are starting to join the Loaded Lions NFT collection owners. Over just a few days after launch, the floor price for the collection has risen dramatically, reaching a floor price of $4,500. This trend will eventually affect the Loaded Lions NFT price prediction going forward.

Ravi Bopara, a famous Cricket player with almost 300 thousand followers on Twitter, purchased a Loaded Lion. I’m sure that once this project gets more widespread through the media and news, more players will join, bringing the cost of each lion upwards. However, be aware that even now, a substantial amount of money is necessary to purchase a single one.

Price Prediction for the Loaded Lions NFTs

The Loaded Lions NFT price prediction is somewhat tricky. Predicting collectible prices is similar to crypto coins and is very difficult to speculate on. In this case, the easiest way is to compare this collection to other PFP collections that exist in this world.

The most renowned PFP collection is the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which currently trades around 50 Ethereum each, approximately $231,000.

Another similar project is the Lazy Lions, which are currently trading around 2.5 Ethereum a piece, approximately $10,000.

If we depict that this official Crypto.com collection will start hitting more influencers, celebrities, and high figures, we might see the numbers climbing this way.

Currently, only a week after the launch, lions are trading around $5,000 floor price, and hopefully, soon, it will rise above when more and more people enter this space. The holder’s account number lies at 4200, an average of 2.2 lions per holder’s account.

The fate of this project has a lot to do with the Mane Net, and the unique perks and benefits Crypto.com will offer holders of this unique NFT.

First Mane Net Update: A unique swag content by Crypto.com NFT, visit the contest page for more details, and make sure to check the lion’s NFT attributes for a hint πŸ˜‰.

Creating an Owners Community

Faster than I imagined, a community of people started forging around the lions. It started with creating script tools for better price fetching, all the way to mugs and t-shirts. Lately, I’ve read an interesting post about future Loaded Lion perks that might be provided by Crypto.com. What I like about this world is that communities are forging so quickly around these collections. I’ve seen it happen, again and again, around NFT collectibles and collections. The rarity of the uniqueness of each item plays a role, but more than anything, holding any lion attributes you a key to a closed garden community.

You can create a Dancing Loaded Lion Meme with this short guide I’ve created!

There's a Lion Waiting
Just For You

loaded lions by crypto.com nft platform sold for one million dollar

Are You A Loaded Lion Owner?

Make sure you sign up and join the exclusive Telegram or Discord channel. Hopefully owning a lion’s share will reap many exciting benefits in the future! Follow the #LoadedLion hashtag on Twitter, Telegram for all the latest news.

Click on this link to view the complete NFT collection.

Are you a proud Loaded Lion too?

Comment here below and let us know you’re here!

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6 Responses

  1. Nice article! What do you think that the special benefits will be by crypto.com? Anything worth staying for or just a marketing trick?

    1. Hey! This is a great question, and I’m still thinking about it.
      My guess is that we’ll get an answer soon. I think Crypto.com will make the owner of Loaded Lions unique by including it in its various sport sponsorships and marketing campaigns.
      It’s an ideal platform for a sports VIP club or to distinguish preferred users.

      It is possible that owners will get access to NFT drops, in-app discounts, as well as discounts for events and venues. Definitely promoting the Loaded Lions among the athletes and teams they sponsor will contribute to it.

      We’ll find out more when the Mane Net is revealed. I’m guessing it will involve gaming and the Metaverse.
      Crypto.com has partnered with Twitch, an online gaming streaming platform. Therefore, it is only natural that they will shift more effort to this area.

      In any case, I do not imagine they will release another similar collection anytime soon. this will hurt their rarity, credibility and future unique, one-of-a-kind releases.

  2. #LoadedLions roarrr! Looking forward for some more special NFT drops soon.
    Where do you think the price for LL is going?

    1. Hey Lion πŸ™‚
      It’s really difficult to say. However, I hope the price will continue to rise, and I believe it will be worth far more than the current floor price of 6,500 dollars.
      In the end, this is very dependent on the Mane Net released by Crypto.com. However, we may see the price go even higher if they provide substantial benefits to Loaded Lion holders.

      Given that it seems to be one of their flagship collections, it’s likely we’ll start hearing good things about it shortly, and then the price will increase.

    1. Hi Crypton,
      There are Loaded Lions channels going on in the Crypto.com Discord channel.
      As far as the Telegram group, you can send me a DM on Twitter at @GuyEshet and I’ll connect you with the guy who runs it.
      There’s isn’t much going on there lately, unfortunately, but I hope Crypto.com will get things going with the project soon.

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