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Guy Eshet
April 04, 2022
illuminati nft #119 from the illuminati collective

I love the NFT world because it never ceases to surprise me. The Illuminati NFT collective is no exception. The Illuminati collective plans to create an entire society of unique NFT holders, including both owners and NFT creators. In my opinion, the Illuminati NFTs are worth checking out. They set out on a course to generate many one-of-a-kind collectibles, together with creating a social NFT community. View my collection on OpenSea!

illuminati nft collections for unique nft artworks by illuminati collective

What is Illuminati NFT all about?

The Illuminati collective aims to create an art collective that will produce high-quality artworks and include exclusive members. They have some key figures in the NFT world watching the project, and I'm sure time will unravel a lot more soon.

Besides, they have the coolest Twitter handle ever! @truth

The Illuminati NFT released the first NFT on their initial mint day, which will give holders collective governance power once a DAO is formed. After that, owners of governance DAO tokens will vote on the project's future and upcoming decisions regarding the Illuminati society.

How Did I Find the Illuminati?

Much like how I found the Loaded Lions project, luck helped me find this project.

The initial drop took place at 6.23 AM on December 12 for precisely 23 minutes. And almost 1000 pieces were sold. That's a lot.

I woke up early that day (5.15 AM!), opened my eyes, and saw the following message from a close friend:

"Dunno when you're waking up, but there's a cool mint going on at 6.23 AM. Read this tweet."

Catching Up on the Illuminati Collective

illuminati nft #4848 from the illuminati NFT collection

There's so much going on in the NFT world that it's hard to keep up, but something about this one caught my eye. Having read through the thread above and seeing thousands of users on their Discord channel, I decided to take a chance.

Many projects are minting today on Polygon, but this one took place on the Ethereum chain. The initial minting price for every NFT was 0.23 ETH. Luckily gas prices weren't too bad.

In total, there are going to be 8,128 (the perfect number) NFTs priced at .23 ETH each on the initial launch.

The team will donate 50% of the mint and secondary sales to the Illuminati Collective. A DAO for active Illuminati NFT holders will be opened in February by the official plans. In other words, 50% goes back to each governance DAO holder.

What gives me some peace when entering a new, unknown NFT project is my ability to change my mind. Secondary sales platforms such as OpenSea allow you to trade your unique piece. The liquidity of a minted NFT collection can be low at times, but it might be pretty short for good projects.

The Illuminative Collective Profile on OpenSea shows all minted items during this drop.

Who is Behind the Illuminati NFT project?

Alexander Taub, Cesar Kuriyama, and Process Grey started this project as an initiative. They wanted to create an NFT-based community, which will center around a DAO and a group of exclusive members. They wanted people who are looking long-term.

In early February, once all the legal paperwork is in place to make it a legal entity, they intend to launch the DAO. Collective owners will work together as a DAO to do fun Illuminati tasks.

What's the Future For the Illuminati Collective?

The Illuminati NFT will roll out in three phases. Phases one, two, and three, and then a public launch in January.

There might be secret dinners or events at conferences for holders throughout the year or surprise drops. They also plan on collaborating to become the MSCHF of the NFT space.

The founders said they had many proposals to introduce, but the community decided differently. In DAO land, everything is up for a vote. The Illuminati will therefore execute a proposal that everyone loves.

As this collective's whole purpose is somewhat secretive, the founding team doesn't want to tell much as they are trying to balance revealing plans together with being a secret society.

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