Notes on SaaS Marketing and SaaS Marketing Strategy

Notes on SaaS marketing automation

SaaS marketing is a modern form of selling software. SaaS stands for “Software as a Service.” This means the company has no or limited ownership of your computer when they sell you their product, but rather, you buy access to it through an online account on their website.

This article will discuss some best practices in SaaS marketing that should help your business grow and thrive (and maybe even save money). It’s a running post I write over time as I read or see something that catches my eyes.

SaaS Marketing Strategy Ideas

  • Use system credits are used to encourage users to provide positive feedback, write reviews and be more engaged.
  • Give credits for reviews, give credit to active community members, give credit to Webinar participants.
  • Referral Programs – Get a friend and both get free credits or money.
  • Generate AI marketing copy with tools that use GPT-3 and Artificial intelligence to create high-converting text in seconds.
  • Listen to the SaaS Marketing Show to get fresh ideas and listen to stories from the industry

Marketing Automation

Usages for is a great tool for AI-based copy generation. Some future use cases when they have API.

  • Use Sentence Expander the help users right better reviews on Google. When someone needs to post a review – let him receive several options from Jasper. You can also pre-generate content to suggest to users.
  • Grab the Meta description from websites (through Inspect Element) and feed it into
  • Use as an agency – re-selling licenses to clients or to other people.

SaaS Tools for Data-Driven Marketing

Clearbit – collect and get all the data you need about your customers. Get data about prospects, domains, emails and everyone visiting your website.

FirstPromoter – Affiliate and Referral Tracking for Saas Systems.

Video Marketing – Create captions for videos, edit videos and much more.

Vidnami – Quickly create stunning videos in no time

TubeXPlore – Discover YouTube ranking behind the scenes

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