Easy Way to Share Events on Google Calendar in a Single Click

Guy Eshet
February 02, 2021
how to share google calendar events with one click

A direct link to add an event to your Google Calendar is just the best trick to send people straight to an event and make them not forget. When you want to share events on Google Calendar, for example when registering for a Webinar or an online call, allowing your users to save the event directly in their calendar is a must. If you are creating a Webinar registration page check out my post on Elementor Forms and Google Sheets, it will definitely help you in the process.

Use this awesome tool: Google Calendar Event Links!

This functionality can even be added to your own website, so anyone who wants more information about an event on your site can click the link and it will take them there. It's a great way to generate easy reminders and create more conversions to your Webinars and zoom calls. If they're already signed into their Google account, they don't even need to enter any additional information — just click "Add." Otherwise, they'll be prompted to sign in before saving the event.

When you click the Generate Link button, enter your event's name, description, and content into a text prompt. Once finished, copy the outputted URL link to share on social media or paste it into your website!

My favorite way is to create a button that leads to the link with a calendar icon.

Click here now and see how easy it is!

Now you can try it yourself by using Google Calendar Event Links!

Go to this website and use the form to share Google Calendar events directly with your users!

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