What Geshet.io is all about?

Geshet.io is the place to learn about the latest technologies in Web3, Crypto, and the future of the internet.

Back in early 2021, I wanted to learn everything about Web3, crypto, and online marketing. There were so many topics: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin, NFTs, distributed systems, DeFi, and more.

Writing a blog was my way to learn, research, and share my knowledge with the world.

I was lucky to have my loving partner Itai join me in creating Geshet.io.

What started as a small side project, has grown to a platform with thousands of visitors per month from all around the world.

Itai Meushar and Guy Eshet
Guy Eshet

About Guy Eshet

Guy has been in tech for the past 15 years, going all the way from robotics and low-level communication systems to cloud computing and distributed systems.

He is fascinated by the relationship this industry creates between technology, finance, and people.

About Itai Meushar

Itai is the head of Geshet.io design and development.

He loves everything about web development, from creating pixel-perfect UI to DevOps pipelines.

Itai Meushar

Wanna Learn More About Web3 & Crypto?

You've come to the right place!

Let's deep dive and understand more about the fast-changing web3 and crypto worlds.

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